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How to Save Money and Time With The Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture System

You’re a busy professional, and you don’t have time to waste. You need to find a marketing solution that will save you both money and time – and that’s where the Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture System comes in. This new system provides premium marketing services without the need to hire an expensive agency. Instead, you’ll partner with our agency to fulfill your marketing needs. This Joint-Venture approach is a win-win situation for all parties involved, and it’s an incredibly efficient way to get the job done.  So if you’re looking for a creative, cost-effective way to market your business, the Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture system is the perfect solution.

In this article, we’ll be discussing 5 useful tips about how the Marketing Fulfillment Joint-Venture System can help grow and scale your business.

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What is the Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture System and How Does It Work

The Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture System is a powerful tool that can help you get more customers and grow your business. Here’s how it works: you partner with our agency and together we work to help promote your brand, create awareness about your products and services to your respective audiences, and increase customer loyalty and sales opportunities. This way, you can reach more people with your marketing message, and you can do it more effectively than if you were working at this process alone. Plus, by teaming up with another business, you can split the cost of marketing, making it more affordable for both of you. The Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture System is a great way to get more customers and grow your business. Talk to potential partners today and see how you can joint venture your way to success.

Benefits of using the Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture System

Any business that wants to stay ahead of the competition needs to have a top-notch marketing strategy. And one of the best ways to get an edge on the competition is to leverage the use of this revolutionary system.  Benefits of this include the outreach to a wider audience, improved lead generation, and the close of more sales.  Partnering with us can save you time and money by streamlining your marketing efforts. And because you’re only paying for results, you can be sure that your marketing dollars are well spent. So if you’re looking for a way to take your business to the next level, consider using a marketing fulfillment joint venture system. It could be just what you need to get ahead of your competition.

How to get started with the Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture System

The Marketing Fulfillment Joint-Venture System is an opportunity for startups and small businesses to optimize their overall marketing campaigns in order to reach a wider audience.  Clients fill out an online questionnaire and then potential partners are assessed for their needs in order to create a plan that is best suited to everyone’s interests involved – this ensures success!

1. We craft an actionable plan agreement that outlines the roles and responsibilities of the service provided, so you’ll know who is responsible in case anything goes wrong or needs attention!

2. We include a budget and timeline for execution.

3. We implement the plan and track results to measure success.

4. Adjust the plan as needed to ensure continued success.

By following these simple steps, you can get started on the path to success with the Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture System!

Examples of successful campaigns run by the Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture System

The Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture System oversees a number of successful marketing campaigns each year. One recent example is the “New Library” campaign, which was designed to promote the new Center Point Public Library Branch within the City of Center Point, AL. The campaign included the promotion of their new library, awareness about Summer Reading Initiatives, Special Library Events, Virtual Storytimes, workshops that taught job-seekers how to write resumes and fill out applications, as well as a job fair that connected them with local employers. The results were impressive: over the course of three months, the campaign helped more than 400 people within the city find jobs. Another successful campaign was the “LitVegan Chicago” campaign, which encouraged people to use their new online ordering system implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign also featured a series of events where the restaurant showcased its unique Vegan dishes around the various Chicago-area recreation centers.  In addition, the restaurant offered discounts and giveaways to participants.  As a result of the campaign, LitVegan Chicago saw an uptick in foot traffic, and many people reported feeling more connected to their community. These are just two examples of the many successful campaigns that have been run by the Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture System.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture System

The Marketing Fulfillment Joint-Venture System is a new way for startups and small businesses to scale their marketing and fulfillment processes.  The system helps reduce marketing costs, increased engagement, local and national reach, effective targeting, and improves customer satisfaction. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Marketing Fulfillment Joint-Venture System:

1. What if want to get started?
You can either contact us or book a discovery meeting to find out how we can help grow and scale your business! We’ll discuss which plan is perfect for you and then we will go over the details. We recommend that you complete a Marketing Fulfillment Joint-Venture Questionnaire which helps us share insights and best practices in order to create an effective plan together that suits our company’s needs!

2. Who can use the Marketing Fulfillment Joint-Venture System?
Any startup or small business looking to boost their online presence and stand out from the competition.

3. How much does it cost to use the Marketing Fulfillment Joint-Venture System?
The service requires a minimum of 3-months.  This ensures that you can start to see some great results within the 2nd month of the campaign.  However, we do have a month-to-month campaign after the initial 3-month campaign has ended.  The minimum investment for the Marketing Fulfillment Joint-Venture System is $1500/month.

4. How long does it take to set up and start the campaign?
It takes between 3 and 5 business days for us to formulate an effective campaign. We begin by developing the proper strategy for your company’s needs, then create a plan based on that which includes launching specific ad copy as well as monitoring success with keywords in order to make sure everything is going smoothly.  Once the campaign has launched, if there are underperforming services, keywords, etc., our team will implement alternate strategies so that you’re getting only top-notch service!

The Wrap Up!

The Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture System is a new, innovative way for businesses to collaborate with a trustworthy agency that will help improve their marketing and fulfillment processes. Ultimately, becoming a profitable powerhouse! To learn more about the Marketing Fulfillment Joint Venture System or get started on your own campaign, contact us at 205-517-7596 or follow us on Instagram! @mfjcreative

google analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 Is Replacing Universal Analytics In 2023.

Recently, Google announced the retirement of Universal Analytics in July 2023. After retirement, UA will no longer produce new website traffic data.  Users will have access to their existing data for at least six months.  During this grace period, users are encouraged to export all their historical data to avoid losing it forever. Google, however, has provided an alternative to marketing teams so that they don’t have to find substitutes for website analytics by introducing Google Analytics 4, which will replace Universal Analytics hence ensuring customer retention.

Table of Contents

Google Analytics 4

Introduced in October 2020, Google Analytics 4 is a different property tailored to help existing businesses succeed with predictive insights, in-depth integration with Ads, and solving the developing measurement standards. And now, this powerful property is the replacement for Universal Analytics. 

Why Google Analytics 4 is replacing Universal Analytics?

Foremost, the change is a move to minimize cookies when using data.  From what we know, Universal Analytics is mainly built for cookies, while GA4 doesn’t depend on cookies exclusively; instead, GA4 utilizes the event-based model, which usually operates on all platforms available.  Google Analytics 4 has been designed so that the main focus is ensuring that privacy is maximally maintained.  It does this by providing anonymous IP addresses by default. Furthermore, it ensures privacy is upheld by supporting consent mode and the capacity to upscale conversations and cookie-based sessions using the cookies sampling pixels.  Lastly, GA4 provides an ability to set the regional controls and gives you better and advanced user-deletion data control, hence providing maximum security.

Benefits of Google Analytics 4 over Universal Analytics

Google Analytics 4 has more eye-opening insights. This property will automatically inform you of any critical trends in your daily data, like products that show an increase in demand due to the customer’s new needs. Additionally, this property enables you to predict and anticipate the future steps of your customers. For example, it clearly calculates the churn probability so that as the business owner, you can invest in the retention of the customers, especially when the marketing budgets are dealing with a lot of pressure.

Furthermore, Google Analytics 4 provides a more profound analysis engagement by giving you the customer-centric measurement rather than measurement fragmented by the platform of the device. Google Analytics 4 utilizes the numerous identity spaces such as unique Google signals, and marketer users provide User IDs.  This allows the users to enjoy a complete view and understand how your customers usually interact with their individual businesses. For example, a customer can discover your business through an ad on your website, visit your website and make a purchase. 

With this new change, businesses will also benefit since they will be able to understand their customers better across the entire cycle, from purchase to conversion and retention. This is very essential when there is a need to make real-time decisions for you to win, significantly when the needs of customers are constantly changing.

Additionally, Google Analytics 4 integrates freely with Google BigQuery.  Available on the Google Marketing Platform, BigQuery’s cloud data warehouse allows professional marketers to run fast queries for large datasets, export data from GA 360 to BigQuery and use SQL commands to query data, and use BigQuery ACLS to manage permissions and datasets.  This is truly a game-changer!

Lastly, GA4 also supports better sessionization, ensuring that it’s more accurate in cross-platform tracking and event-based data organization. This means that you can comfortably bring together the web and the app’s performance into one account and then paint a full picture of your customer’s journey without hardships. This ensures that you are in apposition to optimize some parts of the journey that you previously were unable to fully connect between the dots hence making it a very huge benefit.

The Wrap Up!

The transition from Universal to Google Analytical 4 will widely bring about significant benefits such as its feature of providing insights, lack of dependency on cookies as in the case of Universal Analytical, which is built-in cookies, being in apposition to integrate freely with BioQuery and its feature that ensures that the cycle from purchase to retention is well understood makes the transition a change that you have been waiting for.  

Bottom line, if your website still uses the Universal Analytics tool, the property will stop tracking your site on July 1, 2023.  At MFJ Creative Studios, all websites that we have developed for our clients already have the GA4 Property integrated into their existing websites.  So there’s no need to worry, you are all covered!

Here’s more information and details regarding the Google UA Sunset.…/…

If your website still operates under the Google UA Property and needs help transitioning, we can help with the migration!

landing pages

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Landing Pages For Your Business

Landing pages are single web pages that appear in response to clicking on an advertisement or link. Landing pages typically display the next steps for completing a transaction, downloading an app, or signing up for a service.  A landing page can be effective at quickly capturing leads and promoting business products and services due to its specific purpose which focuses users’ attention. By directing traffic towards your landing pages you are also optimizing SEO by sending more relevant visitors through keywords they would have searched for rather than random clicks from ads.

Table of Contents

Here are 3 reasons why you should use landing pages for your business: 

Landing Pages Drive Traffic to Your Website

Landing pages provide several benefits that help boost web traffic; they act as an effective marketing tool by offering visitors something in return for their contact information. They also allow readers easy access to different areas of your website without having to navigate through other parts first. This means that once someone has made up their mind about your web page, you can drive them directly to a more relevant area of your website.

Another way you can get more traffic to your website is through social media.  By adding social media handles to the footer of landing pages, visitors have the opportunity to interact and follow your business, or share information, reviews, etc.  This strategy also allows for better conversion rates because it’s not just Google ranking pages based on keywords but also analyzing what individuals have shared online so if someone likes how they look then maybe they’ll book an appointment too!

Improve Brand Awareness of Your Company

As more and more people are using the internet to purchase goods or services, brand awareness is incredibly important. Many companies own a website that contains information about their brand (and maybe some products), but these sites don’t always convert well in terms of sales. However, when you build an optimized landing page for your business’s particular products or services), it can be much easier to show off what makes your brand special because the content has been tailored specifically for your audience! An effective landing page will not only increase brand visibility but also improve conversions by making sure visitors know exactly how they benefit from doing business with you.  As major search engines like Bing and Google are getting better at understanding the context of specific web pages, it’s even more important to create landing pages that match your brand’s product or service.

Convert Visitors Into Leads

Businesses can use landing pages to boost their conversion rates by highlighting the benefits of their products or services. The page should be designed in a way that is easy for visitors to understand and read. It is important not to overload your content with too much information, but instead provide only what they need so you do not risk losing potential leads who are looking elsewhere. You want them to know why they should choose your business over another one offering similar products or services, which means providing value-added additions such as free shipping options etc. This will encourage visitors into giving out more detailed contact information like email addresses when signing up for newsletters or receiving promotions through mailings etc. Ensuring that there is enough trust built between you and your prospect before asking them to give out their information is also a very important aspect of conversion rate optimization.

A/B Testing: By testing your landing page content, you can easily see what type of messaging and images work best for conversions by simply changing one element at a time on the original version. Once you have found the winning combination, your conversion rates should increase dramatically as long as visitors are receiving exactly what they expect from your company when visiting these pages.

Wrap Up!

Landing pages are an essential part of any business’s digital marketing strategy. They allow you to drive more awareness and engagement with your company by tailoring content specifically for the visitor, which increases conversion rates. This approach will provide a better experience for your customer while also increasing sales.  What could be better?

If landing page creation seems intimidating or time-consuming, don’t worry! Our experts are ready to help create a plan that works best for you. Give us a call today at (205) 517-7596 to get started on getting more out of your marketing efforts!

local seo

5 Great Tips for Local SEO Marketing

If your business has an online store or physical location and you expect customers to visit you, you need to invest in Local SEO, but what is Local SEO? What are the most influencing factors? How can we influence SEO best practices?

Table of Contents

Local SEO?
Sometimes people look for information about your company, they know the name, but they need a phone number or the address. Other times, people search for a specific service or type of business without specifying a particular company. To satisfy these searches, Google will display three possible results, a corporate website, a Google+ Local profile, or a listing in a directory.  With local SEO, we increase the chances of appearing on Google. 

Below are 5 great tips for Local SEO Marketing:

Creating Google My Business Listing.

The Google My Business profile is essential to position yourself with Local SEO. The first task in an SEO strategy of this type is to review and complete the information in the profile as much as possible.  Whenever a customer finds the business through Maps, the My Business Card is displayed, so it is necessary to have as much information as possible.  The profile should be attractive, so use all the options that Google offers (menu, schedules, reservations, add photos and videos)

To complete the profile 100%, you must verify the account. This is done by entering a code that Google sends by post to the physical address.

Manage Criticism and Reviews.

Most customers, when conducting a local search, are guided by reviews and user comments.  Also, for the person in charge’s responses, you must take great care of the answers, even to the worst criticisms.  The quantity and quality of reviews and comments will be a decisive factor in attracting customers to a business. There are many ways for customers to leave a comment.

You can add a text in the signature of your emails, use certain SMS text features such as WhatsApp, or have posters on the premises or a small text at the end of the letter inviting customers to leave their comments.  Here’s a plus! Offer discounts to customers that offer to give video testimonials of a product or service received.  This helps to add video content to your website, blog, or even landing pages.

Create Local Content and Keywords.

Google seeks to offer the best search experience.  This effort tries to find personalized results focused on searches, user tastes, and their search intentions.

Mentions and Business Directories.

Mentions make your data appear, even if it is on a third-party website, either when you search for a specific product or service and Google shows us a business directory.  These mentions are also important because they count when it comes to positioning your business in search engines. Google will observe the number of mentions you have on third-party websites.

Making Great Analysis.

Local searches are precise and vary depending on the context. Each company is a world with its own needs and virtues.  Although many local SEO tips can be applied to every business, no assumptions should be made. What works for one business may not work for another. It is necessary to do an analysis of the strategies and test the changes firsthand.

For customers to find the business at the right time, the business must position itself with the information that is being sought. It is necessary to prioritize all aspects of content as part of SEO, to improve search capacity. Considering these online marketing factors, you will appear more times in search results, and this strategy helps potential clients find your business easily.

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